Nail Polish Remove Kit B

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Say "Goodbye" to manicure salon

  • 10pcs muti-colour nail remover caps:This gel nail polish remover clip is made of high quality material, easy to handle and operate.
  • 300pcs cotton pads:Artificial natural cultivation of cotton to prevent allergies and reduce skin friction damage.Thin and soft,suitable for remove nail polish.
  • Nano glass nail file:Can help shape nail edge and gives nails a smooth, ridge free glossy finish.
  • Nail file Grit :Gravel is medium rough, suitable for deep groove nail surface. Reduces scratches and prepares enhancements for lacquer resin & gel top coats.
  • Cuticle Pusher:Excellent for removing soak off gel nails,precision crafted from surgical quality steel,also doubles as a cuticle pusher,
  • Nail brush:Travel nail brushes are made of premium quality original and flexible plastic to protect your skin from scratches,you can clean the dust of nail polish.


Basic combinations Nail Remover Clips Kit is meet your all needs,suitable for professional nail art use at home and in salon.


How to use Nail Art Soak off Clips:


  1. Grinding nail polish gel seal surface by coarse sand file 100/180 grits and clean by nail brushes
  2. Wrapped with nail remover pads with acetone
  3. Clipping the wrapped nails with nail clips ( fits all size), wait for 18-30 minutes
  4. Scratching off nail plate residue gels with Cuticle Pusher after taking out clips,
  5. Polishing nail beds by nano glass nail file.


Package included:
1*10pcs muti-colour nail remover caps
1*300pcs cotton pads
1*Nano glass nail file
1*Nail file Grit
1*Cuticle Pusher
1*Nail brush

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