Nail Polish Remove Kit A

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  • Further Polish and Shine

     Amazing Polishing Effect. Polish your nails more finely, keep nail surface to shine and bright for a long time.

  • Personal Daily Use

     Perfect for home use. No longer have to spend a lot of money and time on salon shop to nail polish removal.

  • Super affordable set

     A excellent present for all girls who love nail art as Valentine's Day gift, Birthday gift & Christmas gift.



Step 1: Use nail file 100/180 to grinding nail polish gel

Step 2: Then remove dust impurities by nail brushes

Step 3: Use cuticle nipper to remove dead skin as needed.

Step 4: Put the cotton pads with gel nail cleanser into nail clips

Step 5: Wraps your nail with nail clips for 5-10 min

Step 6: Scratching off nail gels with Cuticle Pusher after taking out clips

Step 7: Use nail buffer block to grind off residual nail polish

Step 8: Use nail polish buffer to polish your nail surface


Package included:
1*Cuticle Nipper & Cuticle Pusher
1*Nail file
1*Nail Brush
1*Set Cotton pads
1*Nail buffer
1*Pump Dispenser
1*10pcs nail remover caps
1*10pcs Toenails remover caps

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